Lola is Caro Eichstaedt, designer based in Berlin. Having her roots in traditional graphic design, Caro explored the field of Design Research at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Crossing the border from Germany to The Netherlands – and back – opened up an international dialogue, the most fruitful source of inspiration.

Disclaimer: some of the projects were created in collaboration with other graphic studios. The copyrights can be found in the description.

ABrandenburgische Landeszentrale fuer politische Bildung Exhibition Graphics

Brandenburgische Landeszentrale fuer politische Bildung / Exhibition GraphicsExhibition Graphics

Achtzehn Exhibition Graphics

Museum für Werte / Exhibition Graphics

Focus Magazin Cover [concept]

Focus Magazin / Cover [concept]

Teufel Magazin Editorial Design

Teufel Magazin / Editorial Design

Jorinde Droese Identity

Jorinde Dröse / Identity

EEW Art Book Series

EEW Art / Book Series

CDL Therapeutics Identity

CDL Therapeutics / Identity

Urban Nation Exhibition Graphics

Urban Nation / Exhibition Catalogue

GeKA e.V. Event Branding

GeKA e.V. / Event Branding

HLMD Exhibition

HLMD / Exhibition Graphics

zwo.p Identity

zwo.p / Identity

Sandra Stuermer Branding

Sandra Stürmer / Identity

HLMD Podcast

HLMD / Podcast Branding

Staatsgalerie Stuttgart Catalog

Staatsgalerie Stuttgart / Exhibition Catalogue

Tessa Cramer book cover

Tessa Cramer / Book [concept]

Nathan Peter Catalog

Nathan Peter / Catalogue

Timrt Agenda

Timer / Student Agenda

Studio for Space Greeting Card

Studio for Space / Greeting Card

KIA Event Communication

KIA / Event Branding

e-Health Tec Booth Communication

e-Health Tec / Branding

STT book design

Berlin Travel Festival / Program

STT book design

STT / Book Series


Magazine Dude / Essay Layout

UrbanDiscomfort exhibition

Alter Ego / Exhibition

Dara photography

Restaurant Dara / Photography

Teastreet photography

Teastreet / Photography

Dutch Seating Company packaging

Dutch Seating Company / Packaging

Dara print

Restaurant Dara / Menu Design

Dutch Seating Company photography

Dutch Seating Company / Photography


Teastreet / Identity

Teastreet brochure

Teastreet / Folder Series

Dutch Seating Company folder

Dutch Seating Company / Print

Dutch Seating Company

Dutch Seating Company / Identity

UrbanDiscomfort design theory

Alter Ego / Research & Exhibition